Hacking Spending

T’is the season to be jolly and if you’re not careful blow your budget. I have been there, done that and bought way more than a t-shirt.

Watch Your Spending

Life Hack offers 32 ways to tick to your budget. I could use everyone of them from time-to-time but 6,12,20,32 have been a part of this fall and early winter.

32. Borrow books from your library, don’t purchase them. This puts an imperative on you to actually read your books (how often do the ones your purchase just sit on the bookshelf?) and saves huge amounts of money if you read a decent amount. I have a book addiction and have shelves of books that I have read but will likely never reread.

20. Exercise in the great outdoors, or use your own body weight – forget expensive gym memberships and personal trainers. We are fortunate to have running and hiking trails in our backyard and a newly re-equipped gym in our building so am making the best use of exercise schedule.

12. Never watch commercials. Get a PVR. This is a bit weird since I am working in marketing and heavily committed to social media but I rarely watch commercials (Netflix and PVR help) and those that I do see rearely make sense.

6. Develop a distaste for Starbucks.  My stomach rebelled before my wallet and I avoid the high caffeine and acid by picking up a large $2 cup from a local shop on my way into the office and have a second cup brewed in a drip system.

Take a look I am sure there are a few pointers that you can take from the comprehensive list.

Make Today Remarkable, by spending  less (way less),



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