What is Your Smugness?

I am an activist and realize that I can come across as a self righteous martyr( even though I made a resolution in 2008 to stop tilting and windmills). I can say ” that I don’t want anyone to do everything but I want everyone to do something” but realize that it sounds like you are not doing your share.

I conserve energy, use private transportation sparingly, recycle and can still feel that I am being smuggly dismissed by vegan cyclists who by their declarations point a green finger at me.

I am a voracious (if not discriminate) reader who understands the pointed barbs from literati when I disclose that I read YA or Chick Lit or Mystery this year.

I am a follower of God, in the Way of Jesus, and can feel undermined by the scientific elite or humanists and chastised by zealots and evangelicals.

Can I be less smug about what I believe, intend and do? For sure. Can I find a way to encourage and provoke people I encounter without creating a status platform? Probably. Will it be difficult? Yes.

Will you join me in trying?


Make Today Remarkable, by being humble,




4 thoughts on “What is Your Smugness?

  1. Smugness is one of the most prominent traits of spiritual people, I teach soulmates, and I encounter people who are smug about having fallen in love harder than others. XD Then again, I am not completely free from feeling smug about knowing what true love is, but it is hard to be humble knowing something so massive in such profound level… Intellectually I can see my own smugness from time to time, and whenever I think about my men, I realize how lucky I am for simply having them with me in spirit, humility sinks in so deep… For one thing, people should stop treating love like it was a skill when it is nothing but an automatic response to someone who is incredible in your eyes. There’d be more reason to be smug about being loved, and, granted, I’ve seen someone manage that, too, but much more rarely than the opposite.


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