Hacking Hospitality

Yesterday morning our pastor stated that the most important issue facing the church is hospitality. She went on to say( as Benjamin Conner does) that ” hospitality is meeting needs and allowing the other to flourish, make choices, be recognized and feel valued.” The challenges facing the church and maybe our world would evaporate if we practiced that kind of behavior.

Sandy Coughlin in The Art of Simple  gives us 7 suggestions to practice imperfect hospitality (my impatient imperfectionist loves this).

Here are 3 I love (you can take another 2 minutes to read the others here)

Be Intentional – don’t let a laisse faire attitude or organic expectation ruin your party.

Cook and Serve the Same Three Recipes Over and Over. – these will become your signature and reduce stress for you and your guests.

Find a Style – You are you. If linen and brocade are you then bring out the china too. If paper plates and napkins work with who you are – go with it.

Make Today Remarkable, by being exceptionally hospitable,


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