Make an Impression Immediately

In good times and not so good, we meet new people who have sources, resources, ideas and contacts that can add value to our lives. We meet men and women who we may never see again and some who may become a close confidant. Being intentional about how we approach these encounters is hospitality at it’s best.

Lolly Daskal of Inc offers 13 Hints to improve the chance meeting.

Here are my favorite 4.

1. Neutralize the Fight-or-Flight Response – this is hard to do because some ancestral conditioning flashes impressions and judgment to the front of mind (from the amygdala) that high jacks neutrality. Being aware of this and turning off the first impression gives time to make an honest appraisal.

10. Be Curious, Open-Minded, and Interested – Be curious to understand, be open-minded to engage and interested to be respectful.

12. Have a Personal Statement – Craft your 30 second message, manifesto, before you enter the room. Be engaged in any response you get rather than defensive.

8. Synchronize – This takes awareness and sensitivity to those around you. If you struggle with this, you will alienate and likely feel an awkwardness in the conversation.

Make Everyday Remarkable, by appreciating every encounter,




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