25 Wishes

From an excellent post on For Impact by Tom Suddes here are some of my wishes for you.

  1. Hold hands with someone, every day.
  2. Walk into each day with your head held high.
  3. Resolve to be involved not absolved.
  4. Use your strengths to strengthen others.
  5. Try some one thing new every day.
  6. Smile more.
  7. Sing your own song loud enough for someone else to hear.
  8. Seek fairness in all things.
  9. Rest in silence every day.
  10. Breathe deeply.
  11. Read deeply.
  12. Listen closely.
  13. Give away something you ‘love’
  14. share experiences with friends.
  15. Be hopeful, helpful and graceful.
  16. Pick up your stuff and some of someone else’s.
  17. Write a manifesto in 140 characters.
  18. Make ‘that’ call.
  19. Celebrate everything.
  20. Change one thing this week.
  21. start a new tradition.
  22. Dance like tomorrow might not come.
  23. Laugh, at yourself and with those you love.
  24. Share your heart’s desires with at least one person.
  25. Seek hope and embrace her when she comes running.



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