A Second December Frenzy

Black Friday and now Boxing Day. According to USA Today, Brits and Welsh have been officially celebrating ‘boxing day’ since 1871. Back then it wasn’t the mad rush to the malls to try fill the void that was left or the space that remains because some thing that you thought you needed didn’t show up in your Christmas stocking. Having never ventured out to box, my criticism is more philosophical than practical. ( I realize,too late that there is an edge of smuggness in that line (maybe the whole post)).

Maybe asking some questions would be a gentler approach.

What could you possibly need that you don’t already have something like in your cupboard, your closet or on a shelf somewhere else?

What are you trying to say to the world about yourself? Will another purchase make that statement? Is there some other way to dispose of your cash? Would it bring more meaning? Is there someone that you could share an experience with on December 26 who would treasure the memory for a month, a year, forever?

Make this gap, between Christmas and New Year’s meaningful,


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