Make These Three Days Positive

Positive or negative, it is your choice. Inside our head, we have the opportunity to change the script. Once edited, the new dialogue will facilitate a re-framing. The process of shifting the focus from negative to positive requires some small changes in behaviour. Geoffrey James posted 57 small changes on Muse. It is definitely worth a read but here are my favourite five.

4. Begin Each Day with Expectation – I try to focus on my preferred future before my feet it the floor at 5am. On the days I resist jumping into the day and staying for a moment to dwell in the possibilities, I find solace.

9. Define “Failure” as “Failing to Take Action” – my serious action bias loves this one. The only wrong thing to do is nothing.

17. Drink More Water – Like most westerners I don’t do a good job of ensuring that I stay hydrated. My body can scream and I can still ignore it so this is my number one small thing to work on.

31. Never Attend Agenda-less Meetings – my biggest pet peeve (after drivers who can’t merge) is wasting my time and that of others sitting in a circle as a way of justifying employment. Set the agenda, stick with the agenda and honour the decisions arising.

55. Work 40 Hours a Week (or Less) – This one I am beginning to master. after years of 70 hour weeks, I am usually heading home as my energy and productivity fades at about 3:30


Make Today, Tomorrow and Thursday Positive,



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