A Lesson in Tact

I have never been accused of being to tactful. When faced with confrontation, disagreement, or incompetence my usually modus operandi is to charge forward. In some cases I have actually stepped forward moving closer to the conflict. I have had my share of victories, if that is what they are, but have lost friends, influence and opportunities by being too ‘aggressive’.

Yesterday, I resisted going on the offensive when I felt criticized and unfairly blamed. Instead I took a more reflective ‘ how am I complicit’ approach and rather than attack to win, I asked to understand.

I left the discussion feeling underwhelmed by the result and dissatisfied by the outcome but … I since received encouraging news and a far more open path for future communication has opened.

I don’t imagine that I will change my tactics and become universally more tactful but I learned a lesson in patience and curiousity.

Make Your Day Remarkable, by exhibiting tact,




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