Are you meeting your customer’s needs and wants, not with the company’s emergency? A great marketing strategy is geared towards creating lasting connections instead of simply being focused on reaching short term targets.

Don’t simply try to sell what’s in stock today. Ask questions, observe and clarify  to understand what customers want today and will want tomorrow and then create the culture needed.

Daniel Pink convinced me that we are selling, To Sell is Human. We are all responding by moving ‘customers’ from one need, one idea, one position to another. In relationships, we are attentive, responsive and adaptive so that the other person’s wants and needs are met today and tomorrow. When we lapse unto self centeredness or selfishness we stop fostering the relationship. If I only ‘sell’ my stuff then the bonds begin to fray.

When influencing someone’s position or discussing our ideas I need to be hearing the other person and understanding what they need from their position and what I can offer to fill the need. If they need security – does my position offer that? If they need stability, what is driving the resistance? If they need recognition, how do I validate and add to their ideas and statements?

There is a simplicity is accepting that selling is human and that when two or more are gathered selling takes place.

Make Today Remarkable, for your customers,


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