Generalist or Specialist

How would you describe yourself? Are you a master in one field with deep knowledge and skill acquired from education and experience? Or do you have a general understanding of almost everything borne out of curiousity?

In an uncertain world, I am not sure which has an advantage. Generalists seem to be in high demand in dynamic workplaces. Those who can pick up a file or assignment and follow it to completion all the well adding value across many departments seem to avoid right sizing. Specialists who find a niche and continue to advance their knowledge seem to move from one opportunity to another.

I remember thinking that I would like to be a buff – a history buff, a civil war buff, a ornithology buff but realized that it would be a tone of work to be that proficient. My tendency is towards an array of interests and then finding a way to synthesize them into my worldview and base.

There  are hundreds of subjects that fascinate me but none so much that I might devote the next 25 years becoming an expert. Is there something that you are passionately questing to understand as completely as possible or are you  seeking to understand enough about a whole lot of stuff?

Make Today a day to learn something either deeply or broadly,


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