I Lost It – What is It?

Have you ever felt like you have lost something but can’t put your finger on what it is you have lost? Has the premonition invaded your dreams and had you scurrying searching for some article or ‘treasured’ belonging? Is the feeling and the dream symptomatic of some other loss?

Questions I am wrestling with this morning as the result of a fitful night and a couple days of anxiety. I am anxious this morning about what element, idea, goal, or relationship that I have let slip. Did I make a commitment and have not honored it (to someone or myself)?  Do I have a deadline looming that isn’t in my calendar? Have I neglected to respond to someone important and/or dear to me.

In previous situations I have found myself by taking time alone to contemplate life in some unrelated activity but a 10k run yesterday didn’t break the seal.

Do any of you have any ‘tricks’ or processes that release the subconscious and allow it to speak to you clearly?  I would appreciate any suggestions or good ideas.

Make Today Remarkable, by helping someone,


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