Do You Feel Welcome?

Have you entered a room and felt uneasy about your ‘right’ to be there? Have you visited a city and felt like an unwanted alien? Have you called a friend and wondered about the reception you received? Is it about you or the others involved? I tend towards taking everything personally so I often feel like I have rubbed someone the wrong way (unintentionally because I often rub intentionally) and am concerned about what faux pas I made.

I woke up today thinking about how I come across. Am I welcoming? Does my countenance or manner suggest that I am not elated by your visit? Do I make an effort to invite the stranger into the conversation? Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes. could my unease in certain situations be lessened if I was more gregariously welcoming in others?

Can I become warmer to guests if I appreciate those around me more, who have the gift of hospitality? Is this like everything I ponder; it takes work, practice and more work? I know people who seem to naturally exude pleasure in the arrival of guests and relish the opportunity to include strangers. Did they work at it or are they innately different in their congeniality? Can I become more cordial? Should I? I welcome your comments.


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