When asked “what time is it?” what if you answered “now”? Not likely the expected response but certainly more interesting than 11:17. Not immediately helpful for someone on a schedule but certainly more inspiring. Not as easy to make small talk or a graceful exit with but certainly more likely to open a new conversation.

I am uncomfortable in now. For many of us our tendency is to live through time so we have difficulty just being in the present. I marvel at those who tend to live in time. Even though they are often late when they arrive they are completely present in the moment with you.

Now can be a measure of the present; at the present time or moment. Now can be a starting point; without further delay; immediately; at once. Now can be precise;at this time or juncture in some period under consideration. It can be used to describe the current circumstances and convey a new understanding.

Three letters, one word, lots of power. How are you thinking about now? What are you thinking about now? Are you ready, now? Now is the time. Now I understand.

Make Today Remarkable by trying out now,


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