Inspire Shared Vision

Part 3 Revisiting Leadership Challenge by Posner and Kouzes

Inspiration comes from communication. Clear transparent and two-way communication allows for an  idea, an intention, an expression to swell into a vision. For the preferred future to become accepted across a team, a family a society it needs to be understood and embraced. It needs to be adaptable and flexible (as all visions do) in a constantly changing environment.

This kind of leadership practice is absent across most political jurisdictions. We never really know where, how or why political candidates see tomorrow. A leader could succinctly respond to the question ” how will the world be different in four years?” – they may not be right but that doesn’t reduce the power of expressing a compelling vision that we can all work towards.

The absence of shared vision often leads us to “the best of the worst’ decisions. Recent elections have demonstrated that our current ‘leadership’ didn’t understand that vagueness and single-mindedness were no longer qualities we respected.

If you dare to have a vision for tomorrow. Share it, listen to feedback, and share it with more folks and listen again. Create an environment where the vision can flourish and then be open to its power. Be open to surprise.




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