Solid, Secure and Smart

2nd post in series – see Big, Bold and Messy

For a very long time, I thought that the BBM folks were the smartest folks on the planet. They always had an idea and were always ready to share it. But I have had the opportunity recently to work with some SSS folks and have come to appreciate their wisdom.


Solid speaks to their loyalty to values, people, a team. They will stand strong beside you in a disagreement and have your back in a fight. I always know where they are going to land and stand on an issue because they are unwaveringly consistent. If they say they will be somewhere, do something or meet someone that is what happens. If they commit to a place, time or action that is the priority.

Secure in their positions on issues and in their position in a hierarchy they are able to share credit with others around them. They aren’t in it for the accolades or spotlight but are satisfied with the results. They are also comfortable in secure environments where tomorrow is very similar to yesterday. This allows them to be reflective rather than reactive and when they speak it is out of that secure and experienced reflection that wisdom flows.

While SSS folks might (likely not) not appear charismatic they are smart. They are street smart, knowing when to speak up and when to be quiet. They are relationally smart with an understanding of the hard work it takes to maintain and strengthen their family and teams. They are task smart and know their business, usually better than anyone else. They are smart about themselves and their style. They are far more able to accept unexpected results because of htheir grounding and in those situations their smarts show great leadership.

There isn’t much SSS in me (I am more BBM) but I am thankful that there are some on every team I am working with.

Tomorrow – Mired, Mediocre and Miserable

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