Mired, Mediocre and Miserable

As promised part 3 in series – See Big, Bold and Messy and Solid, Secure, and Smart.

I love being with BBM’s and like working with SSS’s but MMM’s are tiring, trying to be around. There are a lot of people who are mired, mediocre and miserable. None of my friends fit into this category but I know many who are up to their  knees in muck, mired in the day to day doldrums of a stagnating routine. Wake, work, watch TV and repeat tomorrow. Weekends are just the elimination of work so the routine is wake late, watch TV and repeat on Sunday. Snapping out of the rut that looks from the outside more like a grave is difficult. The effort to free yourself from mud up to your knees is huge and in the beginning it sees that more you struggle, the more you sink.

The routine breeds with contempt and mediocrity is born. Bounded rationality in the workplace is rampant. Couples give up on relationships because after years of “it’s good enough”, it isn’t. Mediocrity stops you from trying; something different, something new, something better. It sucks you closer to the center and eventually you don’t suck grandly or excel greatly at anything. And doing either brings outrageous and unfounded, yet real, fear.

After touching on mired and mediocre there is little wonder why MMM’s are miserable. Hope is missing from their day, their relationships and their life. They recognize, somewhere inside themselves, that they are settling for so much less than they could achieve and so much less than they deserve. Their miserableness is toxic and they infect everyone around them except BBM’s and SSS’s  who witness the misery and commit to being everything that they can be.

The rest of the month, I will focus on small steps to pull your feet from the mud, find purpose and restore hope.


3 thoughts on “Mired, Mediocre and Miserable

  1. I love this part of the article “Mediocrity stops you from trying; something different, something new, something better.” This is so very true..especially those who work at a job they do not like….


  2. I agree! MMMs are tiring to be around. I used to be a MMM and trust me, I was no pleasure to be around. So glad I found something I love to help break the habit.


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