First Step

The first step in any change, any adventure, any relationship is often the hardest to take (not the hardest to do). The second step isn’t much  easier but by the time you get to 3,4,5 you will have created some momentum and even the most difficult steps get easier.

The first step and the hardest in moving from Mired, Mediocre and Miserable to BBM or SSS is to simultaneously believe in yourself and surrender to a higher power. The paradox is achieved by beginning to breathe again. Breath is the restorer, the calmer, the life giver. Breathing clears your mind, opens your heart and creates a glimmer of possibility. Breathing makes everything else possible and yet because it is usually involuntary we give it no consideration.


Today’s first step and the first step you should take first thing every day is breathing. Greg Richardson (The Spiritual Monk) says “We breathe in, and fresh air fills our lungs. We pause to receive. We acquire the oxygen we need for our hearts, minds, and bodies to continue working. Our sense of smell connects the world around us with the world within us. We breathe out, providing nutrients to the plants around us. We release tensions and toxins, letting go of what is not healthy for us to hold in ourselves. Our breathing reflects the steps we take inward and back out into the world on our spiritual journeys each day.”

Have you forgotten how to breathe? The simplest practice is known as ‘equal breathing’. You should strive to carve 10 minutes out of your day to practice but today begin with 2 minutes. Stand tall or sit up straight. Imagine a string from the top of your head being lifted slightly. Close your eyes or short focus. Breathe in through your nose to the count of 4. 1,2,3,4 and exhale through your nose to 4. Repeat. After 15 times in and 15 times out you should feel calmer and some of the stress in your life will melt. That’s it for today.

Small step that is hard to take. As you progress to a longer cycle and longer intervals you will find a match to your rhythm that will be your daily breathing practice.


Make Today Remarkable, by breathing,





5 thoughts on “First Step

  1. Thank you for the reminder to breathe. It is the simplest thing to do, does not cost a thing and yet reaps so many fruitful benefits. Thanks for the step-by-step to how to breathe! I find that I also practice this while in the car to stay present. Thanks so much.


  2. Breathing is a good thing! Sometimes, though we can get so caught up in what we’re doing and what’s going on that we forget to breathe. Thanks for the reminder to stop, breath and take it all in.


  3. Bob, Have you notice how mazing our breath are. It is one function of the autonomous system that any one can control, amazing huuu… I believe breathing is the reflection of our ability to receive and give. By paying our attention we will notice thawed sometimes inhale longer and exhale faster putting us in a more receiving mode and when we do the opposite we are then more apt to give. How interesting it that our journey here start by fully receiving, our first breath when we are born, and fully giving when it end. How a beautiful metaphor life is.


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