The F Word

I trust you have been practicing breathing and maybe even lengthened the practice time to 3 or 4 minutes. Did you create your understanding and recognition (appreciation) list yesterday and did you use the ‘mantra’ when challenged?

Today we begin step 3. If you are struggling with being mired in mediocrity and feeling miserable, this step is a real challenge. It likely needs to join steps 1 and 2 as part of your daily kickoff. We all struggle with the F Word. Saying it out loud can cause us to recoil but it is necessary to say it and then really do it. Forgive. Forgiveness. Forgiven. There I said it three times, three different ways.

Let forgiveness free you from your past. Allow it to erase the resentments you are holding onto. Let it fade all blame and allow you to fill the space with love, inner peace and compassion.


Start small and trust that as you work on shedding resentments you will gain clarity and appreciation.

Forgiveness needs to be spoken out loud and really, sincerely meant. If possible, the other party should be aware of the forgiveness but for our first foray into the F Word it isn’t necessary today. I forgave my father 20  years after he died.

Practive forgiveness – say it – do it today,


2 thoughts on “The F Word

  1. Thanks for a great post however, there are times when I do use the F word out loud…. I have screamed and whispered forgiveness many times..now I need to practice my mantras…thanks for your post.

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