Recap and Reset

If you have been following along and engaging in the process of getting unmired, unmediocre and unmiserable you will have experience some amazing ups and some less than spectacular downs. Today it is time to recap and rest before we move on to the next step.

Breathing – in through your nose, out through your nose. Strive to  inhale and exhale for 6 seconds each and repeat at least 15 times. Listen to the air enter and exit your body. If you are comfortable, try following the air into your lungs and then the oxygen into your body.

Appreciation – Current realities are what they are, recognize them and acknowledge them. Denying your reality only grows roots and traps you deeper in the mud. Find the best things in your current situation (it may be that you still have just enough hope to be reading this and trying ) Write it down and say it out loud.

Forgiveness – The F word. Forgive yourself, Forgive past slights and hurts. Forgive people in your life and those who have left. Say it out loud “I forgive Bob” and then imagine the anger, hurt, disappointment flowing away from your body.

Dream and Do- What do you want, do you really, really want. Remember we aren’t selling miracles, elixirs or silver bullets. Now what is the first thing you CAN do to move towards that desire. Is achieving it within your span of control? Do you need assistance?  Now do the one thing, right now.

Take Care of You – Yesterday, you should have found you time and did something simple and inexpensive to raise your spirits and tell you that you love you. Now do more of that today and tomorrow and every tomorrow.

This will reset your intention, which is tomorrow’s post.



3 thoughts on “Recap and Reset

  1. I love that you give short, simple and effective steps to doing things on a daily basis simply by moving forward and doing. Taking care of me is definitely on today’s agenda 🙂


  2. I love your approach to truly getting in touch with your authentic self. I wish we could change the education system to include how to become more in tuned with the body and manifesting what it is we truly want. I think with homeschooling this is happening as we are in a new generation of 20-30 something’s that do not think the way their parents do, are millionaires and giving back to their communities. I think it is our disconnected generation that has allowed for better conscious children. However, there is still hope for our generation by following these guidelines and just let go and be free.


  3. What I resonate the most with in your post is the notion of forgiveness. When true forgiveness happen, it’s like a liberation of the soul, There is a shift in consciousness and unexpected nice thing starts happening. Great post Bob thanks for the quick synopsis


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