Remember I Warned You

On the road to recovery from muck, mire, mediocrity and misery there is no secret sauce. The work can get hard and the results may come slowly but don’t complain. In fact that is today’s action. Complaining is a colossal waste of energy and time. Either do something about it, and if you can’t, (pardon my language)shut up about it.

You can make a difference. You are remarkable (all ready). You feel trapped because in reality you are. Get over it, get on with it, make the best of it and change your circumstances.

Not complaining makes you smarter. Not complaining and taking action gets the things you want done. Not complaining makes you more attractive. Not complaining males you more social.

Get it out of your  system. In your whiniest voice, say out loud ” It’s not fair. It’s not my job. The boss doesn’t like me. … or whatever your ‘biggest complaint is” Say it right now. Now it is out of your system. Tomorrow before you find yourself complaining in public (or on Facebook) air your complaints in provate. Say it out loud in a whiny nasal voice with the most ridiculously sad face you can muster. Gone.  Within a few days of this daily exercise you will realize how ridiculous you seem and the complaints will manifest into something doable or fade away.

Make Today Remarkable, by not complaining,


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