Have You Failed Yet, Today?

On your journey to a preferred future the dips and rises can cause you to stumble and maybe fall. The measure of your commitment is in how you stand and move forward. The safety of the sidelines only ensures that you aren’t trying not that you won’t feel like you ‘failed’.

There are lots of lessons that we can learn from trying and experiencing an outcome that is different than the one we expected. We should learn those lessons but the reason we should be pushing the envelope to the point it breaks is because of the possibilities that exist outside the envelope.

Science and nature push the limits and try new processes every day. The point of academia is supposed to be the testing ( and therefore the potential failure) of a thesis. The stock exchange requires that someone makes an error in every transaction. But life is meant to be lived close to that edge where you are big, bold and messy or solid, secure and smart you are living life more fully because of the experiments you try.

In order to loosen your feet from the muck of  mediocrity, you need to take some chances. I can tell you the difference between a small chance and a full blown risk but today is the day that commit to take a couple of side steps in your journey. What have you been doing that felt wrong but you continued to do it because it was protected from risk? When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Take a couple of chances big or smaller today and watch the results. If they go haywire, try a couple different ones tomorrow.

Make Today Different,


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