How Sure Are You?

When I am 100%, completely sure about anything, I realize I have just closed my mind to other possibilities. I probably require some degree of surety and a modicum of certainty but not at the expense of my curiousity. When I settle into the safety zone of knowing, I might be missing an opportunity to understand. I shouldn’t make definitive statements but I hear myself at  least once a day speaking in absolutes. Most of the time it is likely inconsequential like ” Hello Betty has the best fish and chips” but when I say something that enshrines a value or belief with the expectation that someone else (everyone) should fall in line and believe it with me, I might be over the line.

Do you hold some strong opinions? Great. Do you love to debate? Awesome. Have you stopped listening to other ideas? Sad. Are you curious to understand or curious to win?

Take some time today and listen to yourself.


Make Today Remarkable,


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