Today’s instructions are simple and following them will be impactful. Do something unexpected today; something totally unexpectedly nice for someone else. Who came to mind when you read the last sentence – that is who you should choose for your intentional act of kindness. Act without any expectation. Act by doing something they wouldn’t expect but would greatly appreciate. Do your kind act as early in the day as possible so that the glow you create can shine on your recipient.

Make Today Remarkable, by being kind,




We don’t live a solely self determined life. If we live, work and [lay with others, they impact us positively and negatively. With the exception of a despot we can’t make people bend to our will and we can’t be bent. We can become persistent in our approach to the blessing of each day we are given. This isn’t the strong headed stubbornness of childhood but rather a daily reminder and commitment to our values and our goals.

When I hold the value that all people are capable I need to act that out each day even when it would be easier to find someone else or do it myself. If I believe that remarkable people are remarkable because they use their strengths to strengthen others then I need to find ways to lift people up but not carry them on my back. I am committed to being healthier so I need to be more food aware and vigilant that my french fry addiction doesn’t take over. I also need to exercise every day because when I ‘take a day off’ it has a history of turning into two..

I am successful when I do the things I do because of the things I believe. Values and action when married create a perfect persistence.

What are three values that you hold today and how are you acting to keep them at the forefront of this week?




Have You Failed Yet, Today?

On your journey to a preferred future the dips and rises can cause you to stumble and maybe fall. The measure of your commitment is in how you stand and move forward. The safety of the sidelines only ensures that you aren’t trying not that you won’t feel like you ‘failed’.

There are lots of lessons that we can learn from trying and experiencing an outcome that is different than the one we expected. We should learn those lessons but the reason we should be pushing the envelope to the point it breaks is because of the possibilities that exist outside the envelope.

Science and nature push the limits and try new processes every day. The point of academia is supposed to be the testing ( and therefore the potential failure) of a thesis. The stock exchange requires that someone makes an error in every transaction. But life is meant to be lived close to that edge where you are big, bold and messy or solid, secure and smart you are living life more fully because of the experiments you try.

In order to loosen your feet from the muck of  mediocrity, you need to take some chances. I can tell you the difference between a small chance and a full blown risk but today is the day that commit to take a couple of side steps in your journey. What have you been doing that felt wrong but you continued to do it because it was protected from risk? When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Take a couple of chances big or smaller today and watch the results. If they go haywire, try a couple different ones tomorrow.

Make Today Different,




A lie does not consist in the indirect position of words, but in the desire and intention, by false speaking, to deceive and injure your neighbour. ~ Jonathon Swift

When a man says he approves of something in principle, it means he hasn’t the slightest intention of carrying it out in practice.
Otto Von Bismark

Are you intending to do something but not taking action? Are your intentions good? but your doing weak? Have you thought about whether what you intend is practical, achievable and in the span of your control? If yes then what did you do today to align your intention and action?

Big gaps can be narrowed by making small adjustments. Imagine how much difference a small shim makes when a newly hung door won’t close. If I intend to run a marathon in June and I stay sitting on the couch – it won’t happen. But if I go out and run today , even a 1/2 mile and then repeat and add a bit I can become a runner. I might never finish the marathon but I can knock off 5k, 10k and maybe a 1/2 marathon.

Take the steps today to make your intentions real or you are lying to yourself and others.



Remember I Warned You

On the road to recovery from muck, mire, mediocrity and misery there is no secret sauce. The work can get hard and the results may come slowly but don’t complain. In fact that is today’s action. Complaining is a colossal waste of energy and time. Either do something about it, and if you can’t, (pardon my language)shut up about it.

You can make a difference. You are remarkable (all ready). You feel trapped because in reality you are. Get over it, get on with it, make the best of it and change your circumstances.

Not complaining makes you smarter. Not complaining and taking action gets the things you want done. Not complaining makes you more attractive. Not complaining males you more social.

Get it out of your  system. In your whiniest voice, say out loud ” It’s not fair. It’s not my job. The boss doesn’t like me. … or whatever your ‘biggest complaint is” Say it right now. Now it is out of your system. Tomorrow before you find yourself complaining in public (or on Facebook) air your complaints in provate. Say it out loud in a whiny nasal voice with the most ridiculously sad face you can muster. Gone.  Within a few days of this daily exercise you will realize how ridiculous you seem and the complaints will manifest into something doable or fade away.

Make Today Remarkable, by not complaining,



Recap and Reset

If you have been following along and engaging in the process of getting unmired, unmediocre and unmiserable you will have experience some amazing ups and some less than spectacular downs. Today it is time to recap and rest before we move on to the next step.

Breathing – in through your nose, out through your nose. Strive to  inhale and exhale for 6 seconds each and repeat at least 15 times. Listen to the air enter and exit your body. If you are comfortable, try following the air into your lungs and then the oxygen into your body.

Appreciation – Current realities are what they are, recognize them and acknowledge them. Denying your reality only grows roots and traps you deeper in the mud. Find the best things in your current situation (it may be that you still have just enough hope to be reading this and trying ) Write it down and say it out loud.

Forgiveness – The F word. Forgive yourself, Forgive past slights and hurts. Forgive people in your life and those who have left. Say it out loud “I forgive Bob” and then imagine the anger, hurt, disappointment flowing away from your body.

Dream and Do- What do you want, do you really, really want. Remember we aren’t selling miracles, elixirs or silver bullets. Now what is the first thing you CAN do to move towards that desire. Is achieving it within your span of control? Do you need assistance?  Now do the one thing, right now.

Take Care of You – Yesterday, you should have found you time and did something simple and inexpensive to raise your spirits and tell you that you love you. Now do more of that today and tomorrow and every tomorrow.

This will reset your intention, which is tomorrow’s post.




Self Care

With all your breathing and appreciating and forgiving and dreaming/doing you should be ready for some ‘you’ time. Today; Thursday February 11, I want you to do declare as ” Me Day (Insert Your Name) Day. Make Thursday a celebration of you, and declaration of you and a rehabilitation of you 24 hours.

Take good care of your mind, body, heart and soul. Exercise, drink plenty of water, eat healthy and delicious food. Plan something fun, inexpensive but fun – read a great book, watch a great movie (on Netflix), check out a neighborhood park, hold hands, call a family member.

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. ~ Dr. Seuss

Tomorrow’s post – Expectations


Dream and Then Do

Breathe, Appreciate, Forgive – Dream and do.

Disclaimer: There are no silver bullets, magic elixirs, quick fixes. Wanting doesn’t make it so but knowing what you want will, with work, reap rewards.

Dream big – part of my favorite an much longer Johann Wolfgang  Von Goethe quote is;

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

The key is to begin it. You will need a plan but not before you begin. Planning paralyzes most people who are stuck and offers excuses for inaction.

Today’s step is simple if not easy. Focus on something that you want and do something, anything to achieve it. Do more of what will move you towards your preferred future and less of what is holding you back. Do something for 5 days or 5 somethings for 5 days. On the 6th day – evaluate, reflect and adapt.



The F Word

I trust you have been practicing breathing and maybe even lengthened the practice time to 3 or 4 minutes. Did you create your understanding and recognition (appreciation) list yesterday and did you use the ‘mantra’ when challenged?

Today we begin step 3. If you are struggling with being mired in mediocrity and feeling miserable, this step is a real challenge. It likely needs to join steps 1 and 2 as part of your daily kickoff. We all struggle with the F Word. Saying it out loud can cause us to recoil but it is necessary to say it and then really do it. Forgive. Forgiveness. Forgiven. There I said it three times, three different ways.

Let forgiveness free you from your past. Allow it to erase the resentments you are holding onto. Let it fade all blame and allow you to fill the space with love, inner peace and compassion.


Start small and trust that as you work on shedding resentments you will gain clarity and appreciation.

Forgiveness needs to be spoken out loud and really, sincerely meant. If possible, the other party should be aware of the forgiveness but for our first foray into the F Word it isn’t necessary today. I forgave my father 20  years after he died.

Practive forgiveness – say it – do it today,