What’s Trending?

I was thinking about the foolish stuff we, as a society, are supposedly interested in. In a world of polls, surveys, data mining, and Google we can get up to the minute reports on what is trending in fashion, politics, and news. I don’t really know what we do with all the information and am sure that there is no real value in much of it other than cute infographics.

But yesterday on Google there were some predictable and some weird search criteria that made the top 10. (in the US)  Some of the searches were for topics or people that I didn’t have a clue about.  First, the not surprising but maybe still odd;

OJ Simpson – the discovery that the glove might not have fit but someone had a bloody knife on a plastic bag for 20 years. The caption on this story actually says “the story behind it could well amount to nothing, ”

As if following ancient stories was the trend itself Rupert Murdoch’s marriage to Jerry Hall was #8 but Ted Cruz’s booger and the mocking of Nate Diaz seem like people were searching for nonsense.

I don’t know what algorithm  is being used to rate these searches but I don’t understand how these might have been so important to people googling yesterday as to make the list.

“SpaceX successfully launched its Falcon 9 rocket into space this afternoon, but — as expected — failed to land the vehicle on a drone ship at sea afterward. CEO Elon Musk said the rocket “landed hard” on the drone ship. The mission requirements made a successful landing unlikely.” has some pseudo scientific value.

I am going to try ‘worry’ about something important today and still enjoy the goofiness that presents itself.


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