I try to be the fixer of situations and I gravitate to people who are institutional misfits.
~Stephan Jenkins

Apparently in fashion, garments that are made with irregularities  are known as misfits. I love that I was created with quirks and flaws and that they become more apparent every day. Most days, in most ways, misfits alter the trajectory of their lives and those around them. Their drum beats differently and they  seem to be going against the flow.

I don’t understand misfits even though I am one. The brand isn’t categorical and the characteristics are varied but all of them I know reject lemming or sheep behaviour and have a tendency to rail in the wind or to howl at the moon. When I generalize them (dangerous to do) I imagine that they have a purpose to their lives, one that they recognize and act on (even when I or the world disagrees with them). Other ways to identify them are that they are either young or old, have red, blonde, black , green or blue hair (or a combination or none). If they aren’t tall then they are short or average. They work long hours or have figured out harmony. They are tone deaf and pragmatic or poetic and artistic.

They might be born misfitish but nurture as a child and conflict as an adult can accentuate the best of it. If you live with a misfit – love them and accept them. Challenge them when they are rude or cruel, celebrate them when they are clever or funny and walk a few steps with them and their drumbeat everyday, just to understand them better.

Make Today Misfit Day,


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