Self Imposed Barriers

I was reading Ali Polin’s post this morning Isn’t it Time You Dare Yourself to Up Your Game?  and she had a link to a post from early this month on self imposed barriers which got me thinking about what barriers am I throwing up to stop myself from stepping over the safety fence into the ‘little bit crazy” zone.

For me being audacious looks easy but one man’s outrageous is another’s normal and when I am out in left field outside your pasture of comfort there is still a fence penning my ideas, actions and behaviours. Just because I look weird to you doesn’t mean I am operating outside my status quo. This is also a good reminder when I observe others whose barricade is way outside or inside mine. Pushing boundaries is personal. We may need to be prodded and encouraged by others to stretch over or straddle the fence but being there is a personal decision.

Take a look at Ali’s 50 things where permission is granted and see if any are over the net and give them a try. If you are comfortable with all or most of them, write your own list of 10 and begin trying a few of them a week.


Foolishness is where we encounter as yet unimagined solutions so the journey there is worth the effort. Take some time today to figure out where your impracticality line is and then step over into the unknown territory.



One thought on “Self Imposed Barriers

  1. I agree with your premise. I apply a similar concept when I discuss health in my writing.
    Fear is often an emotion that creates strong barriers we face. Is it fear of the unknown or fear of failure? It is likely a little of both. How can we grow and develop if we never experience failure? Seeking new knowledge and understanding requires episodes of failure. Episodes, however, need not be the outcome. If we continue to pursue a modified path, it is only time that is required for success.


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