Change is Good

Not all change and not all the time. Although some folks would say that I try to change everything in every situation. I tend towards shaking things up, just to agitate myself and see what might fall out. Often there is fallout that I didn’t expect. That is when change is the best – when the unimagined happens.

If I know the outcome before I begin the risk is minimal and the learning minimal too. If my audience hears a turn of phrase and reacts in an unexpected way then I get to decide if that is something I want to see repeated or not.  When a decision  leads to a failure but leads closer to a solution shouldn’t I pursue in that direction. When should I stop? When I get to a place where it seems that I ‘solved’ my problem? What if I pushed another inch, another mile, another month? Would a new and better way be revealed?

I am playing with the idea of going too far. As in ” now you have gone too far”. Is that even  possible? It seems that most of our greatest inventions, ideas and cures went too  far for their time. Is there something over the edge that we don’t see because we stop and turn around? Would jumping in with both feet give us a different perspective and a wildly  better solution?

I am going to play this out in small ways because I am afraid of falling and I will let you know if I get battered and bruised.

Make Today Remarkable, by going a bit too far,


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