From Strategic Monk  “It is easy for us to get focused on mastering the puzzle by finding the solution. There is something seductive, almost addictive, about knowing the right answer. When we decide we have the answer, we stop look and stop asking questions. We close our hearts, and minds, when we already know.We experience more when we are asking questions, before we decide we know the solutions.What are the questions you most deeply want answered today?When will you ask your next question?”

I do think we need to focus on solutions to our big wicked problems but in general and in relationships, I agree with the monk.

When was the last time you were curious to understand? To learn something just for the sake of learning something? To be interested in something frivolous just because it is fun?

Be curious, not judgmental.
~Walt Whitman

I am passionately curious about so many things that I have a breadth of information but not so much depth. I have accepted that I won’t be an expert on anything and probably don’t want to be one. I still have a thirst for new subjects and read and take notes on stuff that has no practicality in my current life. Somewhere knowing some of this will be beneficial but it will mostly just rattle around and synthesize to some other gem that I hear or find.

Make Today Passionately curious,




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