Self Improvement

What are You Willing to Give Up?

Are you moving towards a change or contemplating something new in your life? Do you need to read more, exercise better, study, make more calls, find a solution … Are you jam packed and struggling. Maybe you are too busy. Too busy with meaningless activity or trapped in a spiral of day-to-day-today.

We all believe that we can handle more if we schedule better or get up earlier. But the reality is that we can only carry around 3 +/- 3 things and be effective. I have habits that no longer serve my agenda. I do things that don’t serve by preferred future and are likely moving me away from important opportunities. If you recognize some meaninglessness in your day, what are you willing to give up?

Today and tomorrow make an inventory (hand written) of all your activities that take more than 5 minutes of your time. It is best to pause for 30 seconds at the top of each hour and write down Activity and Time. After two days ask yourself ” what do I notice?” Out of 48 hours, did you sleep 16? Roughly 32 hours awake – how did you use the 384 five minute blocks? Are you aware of how long five minutes is? Do you know how much you can accomplish in five minutes? Is it possible that 1 5 minute block or 100 blocks can change your life.

Learning how to manage our 5 minutes helps us mange our 168 hours and our 29,220 days and it begins with taking inventory and then figuring out what you are willing to give up.




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