Do One Thing that Scares You

Sometimes I pretend that I am not scared. I get stage fright but speak in front of crowds at least once a week. I have a fear of heights (fear of falling from heights, really) but I  climbed to the top of a mountain with my brothers. I get scared when I am not sure about a subject, an idea, or a myth but blow ahead and then read the response.

What scares you? Do you have big paralyzing fears or a niggling embarrassing irrational phobia? Can the fear be broken into segments – 5 minutes, 100 words, 10 steps, $25 ?

Overcoming fears is exhilarating but you may still feel scared after conquering a mountain, an audience, a barrier the next time you face it. It might be easier and more effective to take on the fear in small steps. What is the least you could do right now to face one of your fears? Are you willing to take the least step first?

Would coaching and accountability be of value? How much external accountability would be helpful? Regardless, you get to  choose what step you are ready to take.



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