Erin Go Bragh !

Happy St Patrick’s Day. Make sure you share from your pot 0’gold today. Maybe you can dance a wee jig like a leprechaun and enjoy a dram or pint to celebrate (as if we need a reason). Wear some green and tickle someone who isn’t.

The Shamrock – (from The Independent) “The three-leaved shamrock is a familiar symbol of Ireland and St. Patrick, used by the Irish tourist board and almost every tourist shop in the country as a national symbol.It grows plentifully all over the country, and takes its name from early Irish word seamair óg, or young clover.”

What symbol would you choose to represent you if they were to celebrate your life? Would Saint Bob be an outstreched arm with a book clutched tightly?  Is there something that represents you so well that you could wear it on a t-shirt?



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