Giving Back

This post is about an organization I am supporting and a request for you to support them too.

A couple of weeks ago I attended 100 Men Who Give a Damn and present The Doorway to the group. The process is that once a quarter we come together for a beer and some appies and hear from 3 members representing 3 local agencies. We hear about why the organization needs and deserves our support and then we vote. I was successful in pitching The Doorway and they were awarded about $10,000. If you have a chapter of 100 Men Who Give a Damn or 100 Women Who Care, I suggest you consider joining. If not I encourage you to start one in your community.

I am running for the The Doorway on April 10 and have a goal to raise $500 (I am about 1/2 way) The Steps Off the Street Run will support dozens of young people who have made the decision to go from the street to main street. I would appreciate any support you can offer.



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