Yesterday, I heard the word  good used at least four different ways. It was Good Friday in the Christian calendar and we attended a service. It got me thinking about what is so good about the day that Jesus was crucified? It turns out that good means Holy and that Holy Friday is more apt. The Holy of Holies fulfills His purpose and redeems the world.

I asked someone ” how is your day going” and they responded “good” but every other signal said ” I am having a crappy day and I definitely don’t want to talk about it”.

I had a delicious meal that was oh so good. The operative good here was tasty, pleasing to the eye and palate and of exceptional quality.

Most common “good” I heard was mediocre or ‘better than yesterday.’ Should we press someone when they say good with a tinge of acceptance? Do you say good and mean “good enough”? How can your good be great? What would I need to do to help make your good remarkable?

Have you asked a friend to elaborate on how their day, their trip, their appointment was good? Do you need someone pressing you to disclose that your good isn’t so good at all?


Make Today Truly Good,


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