What  are you sure about? What facts do you hold to be absolute? Are facts something other than a conjecture that has passed some burden of proof, today? What if the burden changes tomorrow and the ‘proof’ isn’t valid?

Many of us hold tightly to our bricks of belief because they offer a solid foundation and relying on them rather than questioning is convenient. I have my blind biases and have been exploring the what and why of my bricks for the past month. It has been uncomfortable and unsettling and exhilarating and inspiring. I chose to doubt everything I held to be true and leave open the possibility  that there was an as yet unimagined alternative explanation.

When I was most unsteady, I found a small crack that allowed me to see a different and unrelated aspect. The crack widened enough for me to peek through but not pass my commitment through. I needed to let go of gibberish, nonsense, ideology, partisan rhetoric, confirmation bias to create a door to the ‘other’ side.

The journey has offered new insight and I am not sure where I will land but am sure that it won’t be the safe haven of certainty that I departed fro. I admit to being anxious that in all this deconstruction I won’t find a shore to stand on but I am trusting that it can be as satisfying bouncing on a trampoline as it is walking a narrow balance beam.

Maybe there is something in your life that needs some examination.



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