What is happening to democracy? What is driving the response to fear mongering and scapegoating? Why are caring, rational people lining up to see their tiny and biased agendas served?

Has the ‘system’ imploded? I have lots of resistance and resentment to authority in general and government big brother in particular. I am offend by her heavy hand interfering in my life and tired of over reaching policies that are created to solve/manage a relatively small problem. Every day I feel burdened by an external expectation that an elected, appointed or hired official imposes on us.

But I am not ready to throw in the towel and side with phobes. Those who are afraid and use fear to divide us and then offer a simplistic and futile suggestion to crucify someone else. If we took the legitimate criticism of democracy and reinvented Democracy V3 with more liberty and limited expectations, we would discover uncharted and inspirational territory. We are not going to find solutions or create improvement if we imagine blaming and shaming others is a forward moving tactic.

These words and actions are being used tactically in the interest (and only the interest) of those spouting the rhetoric. They have an agenda of getting elected, getting noticed, getting attention. My 19 month old grandson uses the latter two but I know he will outgrow them.

I encourage you to think about what you are choosing to listen to, what you are choosing to believe, and who you are choosing to support. It might come down to choosing fear or hope.


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