Draw a Line and Move It.

April 1, 2016 – a day that could live in the annals of great restructuring. The beginning of a new month, a new quarter, with the assurance (maybe naïve) that we have conquered another winter and spring is blossoming in all its vigor gives us a signal to stretch our legs, our hearts, our heads and start something anew.

100 days from now, Sunday July 10, 2016 will. Arrive whether you choose to move a needle in your life or not. What would happen if you drew a line on July 10 that you would … (be 20 labs lighter, have read 10 good books, earned an additional $2000, volunteered 5 times …) and then reversed engineered a plan to get to the line?

If you thrive in accountability, it can be helpful to then setup 10 day checkins. (Lost 2 labs., read 1 book, said ” I love you” every day. ) If external accountability works better for your, a coach can be helpful in keeping the prize in focus and encouraging consistent practice.

Setting a line is important because it gives the journey a destination. It is also a means to a different end; Changing how we see and do our lives. We can become adventurers on a journey to a destination of our choosing. Imagine setting a new, inspiring goal every 100 days – where might you be in 10 cycles, 1000 days from today is December 27, 2018. What would you be celebrating as 2019 arrives?

Make Today Intentionally Remarkable,



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