From “Random Acts of Kindness”

“Imagine a world.
Where people look out for each other.
Where we all pay it forward.
Where success is measured in selfless acts.
Where kindness is the philosophy of life.”

I love the image I get from the quote and even though they use the word random in their domain name I appreciate the intentionality expressed in the vision. We need to choose to be kind every day. I need to pick kindness over rudeness or stubbornness in more situations. When I appreciate all the kindness I receive I am kinder so I need to be more observant and thankful.

I have had hundreds of people watching my back over the years (one still does it daily) and I have been pretty good at looking out for others who were under attack. I confess that there have been too many times that I was the attacker or joined in on the verbal assault. In recognizing that I can watch for the signs that I am about to be unkind and examine my motives. They are rarely going to be justified and I hope the evaluation curbs the urge to pile on with unnecessary vitriol.

I am in the company of remarkable people again today so being kind should be easier but what about Monday or Thursday or …

I am practicing kindness today with the hope that I get better at it and that it becomes habitual.


Make Today Remarkable, by being kind.


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