Clear Your Head

The idiom “clear your head” usually means relax so you can think clearly. This morning on my run, I realized that my head was crammed with schedules, appointments, problems, worries, opportunities, crazy ideas, unspoken concerns … Crammed full and it weighed on my shoulders and back. I started tossing them by the side of the path. One at a time they were examined and discarded, with either complete faith that they would find their way back into my head/heart, if important or would lay abandoned if they weren’t.


I lost track of time and distance but surrendered to the process and gave up holding on tightly. I could feel my mind uncramping and tension melting. There were moments of anxiousness as I flicked things into the grass that I worried I wouldn’t recall and then I flipped the worry onto the other side. Some challenges leaped off me of their own accord and piles of concerns spilled out as I turned at about the mid way point.

I ended up at home energized and relaxed. Paradoxically, I feel ready to take on a new today and a bunch of tomorrows.


Make Today Remarkable, by finding a way to clear your mind,



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