We are all in the Boat

Whether I can smile, or you can sing,or she can lift, or he will row -we are all in the same boat. Any success we have is a result of smiling when I can, pulling where we are able, resting when we must, sharing the load and our gifts with those going in the same direction.

Rather than dog-eat-dog, fend for yourself that some are promoting, I propose that we use our strengths to strengthen others when we can and be assured that others will be there to have our backs and boost us up when we are weak and need assistance. Rather than everything being a competition, what if everything was a cooperation, not without expectation but rather an accountability that we are all contributing members of the crew, each acting to the best of our abilities.


That is the  kind of world I would appreciate and one that I believe we would all flourish in. If you agree, it is up to you (and Me) to make the first move to creating our own local boat.

Make Today Remarkable, by being a shipbuilder,



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