Balancing the Books

Where I live, we just had the government present a budget with a $10Biliion deficit and a forecast that we won’t be back to balancing the accounts until 2024. I have been thinking about the ramifications and reasoning of the document (runs more than 300 pages) and considering the absurdity of trying to reconcile dollar$ and meaning every 12 months.


My 60+ years have been a roller coaster of credit and debit. I get close to being in a positive position when my actions bring positive value to  myself, my family  and my community. When I am greedy, self-centered and uncaring I draw down on the balance. If I was keeping record of the meaning of my life,in a 12 month window,  there would have been years that were so depressing as to completely depress any hope. If a calendar is the way to balance the books then I am a mess.

There are critics of the deficit the budget proposes but I recall 20 years ago when we were in similar economic crisis, we slashed and burned and literally blew up hospitals so expenses matched revenue.Single moms, people with mental illness or developmental delays, elderly, children and those living in poverty carried the burden of short sighted thinking and single minded focus of dollar$.

I am fortunate that I get to take the long view of my life; measuring by debits and credits and contributions and withdrawls over 80 years. At my last breath, I hope to have had a positive impact in my little corner of the world.

I am therefore looking at the fiscal plan over 30 years 1994-2024 and feeling like this phase is necessary so that we can all benefit from prosperity and all contribute to recovery.

Make Today Remarkable, by taking a long view,


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