Are Being the Best You?

I find that when I am at my best, I am taking care of my health; mental and physical and taking care of those in proximity to me; my family and my community. The tasks I am undertaking aren’t nearly as important as the focus on care. Eating better (I still have french fries on occasion), sleeping enough (for me 7 hours),  exercising daily ( I run or ride, and walk rain or shine), read twice a day ( I am on an urbanism kick) are some of the activities that keep me sane and sturdy.

When my projects take me away from my sweet spot of developing community, I find a volunteer or activist opportunity to give back to my neighbours. The volunteer assignment is done better but the non-affiliated work gets done better too. My sense of purpose overwhelms me with energy and inspiration and when my work gives me autonomy and mastery efficiency is manifested and creativity blossoms (thanks Daniel Pink).

I am fortunate to find lots of meaningful opportunities but not everything I do is rainbows and unicorns so I am grateful for the overflow that the joy provides to the less exciting but necessary tasks I need to complete.

Make Today Remarkable, by being energized and jazzed by caring,


2 thoughts on “Are Being the Best You?

  1. Spoken like a person who realizes a fulfilling life is something we don’t sit around and wait for. We open our eyes, our hearts and our minds searching for the opportunities to participate in activities that enrich the world we live in. This helps bring meaning and purpose to our lives.
    I enjoyed your post.

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