Giving up a Bit of Control

As always, I think I have most stuff under control. I plow ahead as if I am on the right track and mostly because I believe I am right. I am not always. Yesterday, I had a couple of reminders that i might not be right or heading in the right direction. The first wasn’t an earth shattering OMG I am wrong but more a subtle ” if I don’t encourage feedback from others, how can I even imagine that ‘my way is the  high way’?” I was advising a client that she needed to either go it alone or trust all the folks who wanted to assist with her project. I straightforwardly suggested that trust and control are diametrically opposed – less trust = more control, more trust = less control. I didn’t apply the suggestion to my own circumstances for a number of hours but think I learned a lesson.

The second instance where I recognized that I have delusions about how much control I have over real life stuff. I found out that a friend (a cancer survivor) has been rediagnosed and the prognosis isn’t good. He has, maybe, two years. This is a community activist, hard working family man and a genuinely good guy. He now has a expiry date stamped on him. He will battle, he will remain positive, he may win or extend past the date. I realized how fragile everything is and the news he received is just one phone call away from all of us. It helped me remember that these 24 are the only hours I have and while I can plan for another 10,000 days, I need to take each moment more seriously. If a moment lasts, say,three seconds then I have 1200 every hour to observe,  share and enjoy.


Make Today Remarkable, by letting go of control and letting today begin,



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