Is there something lurking around a corner? Is there a niggling nudging your noggin? Is your heart a twitter with excitement of the unknown moment ahead?

I  have been carrying an edge of not quite worry – not quite expectation for a week. I have tried desperately to quell it, ignore it, and deny it. I can’t name it, I can’t put a handle on it, I can’t watch for it. It is lingers outside my near focus but won’t recede completely out of my attention.

Maybe there is a process, a set of questions, a state of mind that will either pull this near or push it far. I recall an episode of “Big Bang Theory” where Sheldon tried to see his work/world from a different part of his brain. (That is partially why I am hoping cathartic writing will do the trick). He went to work in the Cheesecake Factory.  I am going to turn my focus to something else and let  the image decide when to appear (or not) and any anxiety and frustration melt away (I hope).

Have you found a trick to being mindful and aloof at the same time?


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