Moral Compass

As a society, we seem to be driven or at least conditioned to head towards an economic north. The magnetism revolves around an as yet to be disproved theory about markets, capital and people. We are turned towards financial return, budget surpluses, fiscal responsibility and all the supporting forces continue to convince us that this is ‘right and as it should be’.  The more we read, hear or see that directs us to affirming the thesis, the less we consider an alternative approach our day, our life, our mission.

I have been complicit in this experiment. Like iron on a paper with a horseshoe magnet underneath, I have lined up like an arrow pointing to the single-minded force of ROI. I allowed my discernment to be clouded and came to expect 15-20% returns without asking “how is that possible” or” what do they need to do/nor do to achieve these rates?”. The seductive pull becomes even more irresistible as the gains seem to multiply the theory’s power.

For the past year I have attempted to question how I can receive a return without compromising my espoused values. I have divested and reinvested in an alignment attempt and then needed to ask new questions about the implications an consequences of the new approach. What if the first principle wasn’t return but principles? What if the first principles of equity, responsibility, capability and community become the criteria and the metric? How would we orient our life? Would my decisions be different than what I chose yesterday?

Are you ready to explore how far apart true north and magnetic north are?



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