Is Enough ever Enough?

How much stuff do we need to fill our lives? How much stuff do we need to maintain our homes, yards, or toys?

Does everyone need a lawnmower or can two/three neighbours share? You would save money, save the environment (face it all the crap we accumulate eventually gets thrown away) and likely build community with those around you. Make sure to set up some guidelines like who will do maintenance, storage, return in good/clean condition.

Start with something small like yard tools and maybe you can save ton’s o’cash by sharing other stuff with family, friends, and neighbours.

Have you tried using libraries? Car-share services? Public transit?

I know I have enough of many things and am tempted to buy new  books, new shoes, a new digital toy. I am spring cleaning over the next couple of weeks. If you live in Calgary, I am purging more than 50 books from my shelves. If you are interested, leave a comments or send me an email bob@remarkablepeople.ca. All books  unclaimed will go to Calgary Reads Book Sale 


Make Today Remarkable by needing less,


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