I try to learn something new every day. In my areas of interest; religion, urbanization, community development, coaching, running, and sociology I receive blasts, books and blogs from the best and the brightest on a regular basis. I attend workshops and panels to hear from people who are working in the field and I assimilate their experience and expertise with the knowledge and opinions I already hold.

But I learn most by entering into engaged, important conversations with the people I encounter. Family, friends, strangers offer me a wide array of ideas and challenges to chew on. I learn more in the rumination than from another audiobook, tome, or lecture. I realize that my preferred learning style has shifted from asynchronous pull to multi synchronous exchange. I get more from the material when I get to touch it, talk about it and toss it around in my head.



I am attending a running workshop this morning in Calgary that is billed as a panel but the reputation of the facilitator suggests that we are going to be engaged physically and intellectually at each step. I am going to be looking for the best and the brightest to help me understand how to improve my stride and reduce injuries but I am going to be observing how I interact with the message, the medium and the masters.

Make Today Remarkable by Learning Something New,


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