This Could be My Last Race

From yesterday’s “Smart Running Workshop” – strengthening over stretching, rolling might provide relief but does very little else, runs greater that 3 hours cause damage that accumulates and have fun because this could be your last race/run.

Both speakers yesterday talked about enjoying the running experience and embracing the discomfort. They were clear that if something causes you to limp or change your gait while churning your 120-150 strides, that is a sign you should stop. If it just hurts, keep going. Along with leaving your today’s best on the course we should be celebrating the opportunity we have – that we have the time and inclination, the fitness and health to be out churning shorter strides and maximizing today’s run.

There was lots of psychology and physiology in the 5 hours but my big takeaway was go for it on race day, have fun when racing and running, and listen to your body. That likely applies to all activity, whether physical or intellectual – maybe even relational.

I am better for having taken up the learning opportunity and as I hit the trail this morning I have some new things to practice.

Make Today Remarkable, by learning and practicing,






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