Personal Best

The idea of a personal best is motivating (or it can be). We should be striving for improvement every day but seeing a project done to a higher standard, an art piece reflecting your growing skill, a conversation that is the most important this relationship has ever had are markers that recognize the improvement.

Sometimes improvement is subjective as we measure our perceptions of the actions and impacts. Yesterday, I ran a personal best 5k. I didn’t set out to chase down a record but found myself on a pretty quick pace and feeling strong I changed my plan from a moderate 10K to seeing if I could hold pace. I don’t know what today’s run will bring but the new PB left me within striking distance of a goal I set two years ago so I know when my  training plateaus and I go for the next push I will reach the milestone and then set another goal.

For all the things I get to do each day, those which have a goal seem to be closer to a best than those that I approach with laissez faire. Maybe I should  be doing more of those things that are important enough for me to create a goal.

Make Today remarkable, by setting a goal and chasing a PB,


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