When was the last time that you allowed yourself to act goofy? I am not a scientist but my instincts and experience tell me that there are a different set of endorphins that are released when you play the clown. The giggle response that grows into a belly laugh is loaded with a body refreshing, breath enhancing, heart beating rush of energy. If you allow some ridiculous in front of people you care about, it can have a. similar effect on them and their health. The expression ” this isn’t a laughing matter” is only accurate in a tiny set of circumstances. There are very few things that are really not better with laughter.

Saturday is a great day to start stretching your foolishness muscles. Take a chance today to make your day bettering improve the mood and disposition of someone you love. Say something funnily out of character, dance a silly dance, wear something fun …

Saturday May 7 is officially Intentional Goofy Day – join the party.


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