Not Every Day is Easy

Some days are hard. Maybe they are supposed to be hard. I don’t know if the circle of life requires a certain level of effort and frustration on some days so that the days when everything sails along are appreciated.

Yesterday was a struggle and rewards arrived in my inbox this morning. I overcame some large and small barriers, had a couple difficult discussions and felt achy from a difficult run. I slogged forward with the day believing that there were important reasons for the barriers. In a couple of cases I discovered that the barrier caused me to shift direction and the new path was better suited for the goals. The difficult conversations were crucial and cordial and I anticipate that there will be an as yet unimagined possibility that will arise (soon I hope). I don’t know why I ache from running intervals but I am checking it up to the old and flawed adage ” no pain, no gain”.

Make Today Remarkable by slogging through and making the best,


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